Project Milestones



  • During Sharon Dugard’s first visit to Haiti and holding an orphan named Andre, a seed planted itself deep in her heart with the vision of building an orphanage.


  • The seed sprouted and Sharon went public with her vision

  • Many volunteers started giving of their talents and time in preparing an information board for public event, printing of pamphlets and fundraising events


  • Volunteer Board of Directors was formed 


  • Open Doorways Orphanage became Incorporated


  • Open Doorways Orphanage Inc. became a registered Canadian charity


  • A parcel of land in the community of Deschapelles (two-hour drive north of the capital city Port-au-Prince) was offered to Open Doorways.   


  • February

    • Digging for the foundation of the security wall

  • March

    • 40 men and women (local and some displaced after earthquake in Port-au-Prince) hired to work on the ODO project

  • April

    • digging for the foundation of the orphanage

    • manufacturing of the entrance gate

    • small door in security wall giving access to the school yard

  • July

    • Raising wall for the orphanage

  • August

    • Consolidating walls for the orphanage by pouring concrete in the posts

  • October

    • Concrete roof

  • December

    • Outside front stairway leading into the home


  • January-August

    • Finishing – kitchen cupboards, bathrooms, flooring, painting…

  • September

    • orphanage is complete

    • yard work underway

    • a lot of the furnishings are in

    • one staff hired to organize inside

  • November 15th

    • three girls, Frazimene, Christlene & Nagella became the first three children in the ODO family


  • March

    • there are now 10 chilldren in the ODO family (6 girls and 4 boys)

    • ODO has 8 locally hired staff (manager, housemother, 2 assistant house mothers, head cook, assistant cook, laundry lady, yard/maintance man)

    • Sharon, Lil Gauthier (Board Member) and 2 volunteers – Corie Koch and Ute Rehill visited the children and staff

  • October

    • cooks are no longer using charcoal for making meals but using a propane burner


  • January

    • Honda 3KW generator was purchased

    • Sidewalk was poured to the outside kitchen and another one to the door giving access to the school yard

  • February

    • there are now 12 children in the ODO (7 girls and 5 boys)

    • ODO has 9 locally hired staff (addition of a gentleman for night security)

    • Sharon, Ute Rehill (Board Member) and 2 volunteers – Rose & Samantha Unrau visited the chlldren and staff

    • fruit trees were planted alongside the security wall

  • Remaining 2013

    • Renovation of vacant building on property into a studies/activities room for the children, 2 bedrooms for visitors and one bathroom


  • Completed renovation of vacant building on property.  It is now used as a studies/activities room and can accommodate any visitors

  • Tutor was hired to assist the children with their education

  • Manitoba resident and retired schoolteacher Irene Hudek visited and volunteered for a few weeks. She was able to share her music and teaching skills with both the children and staff.

  • One of our employees, Edeline, left her position to pursue Nursing in Port Au Prince.